The Tetrahedrite Group is composed of minerals with a similar isometric structure and related chemistry. It is named for its most common member, tetrahedrite. The general formula for this group is A12X4B13. The A can be either silver, copper, zinc, mercury or iron. The X can be either arsenic, tellurium or antimony. While the B can be either sulfur, selenium or tellurium. Substitution in this group is widespread and it could be thought of as one large solid solution series.

The following are the more common members of the Tetrahedrite Group of minerals:

  • Argentotennantite (Silver Copper Zinc Iron Antimony Arsenic Sulfide)
  • Freibergite (Copper Iron Silver Antimony Arsenic Sulfide)
  • Hakite (Copper Mercury Silver Antimony Selenium Sulfide)
  • Schwazite (Copper Mercury Antimony Sulfide)
  • Tennantite (Copper Arsenic Sulfide)
  • Tetrahedrite (Copper Antimony Sulfide)
Popular Members of the Sulfides Class


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