The Galena Group is composed of minerals with a similar isometric structure and related chemistry. It is named for its most common member, galena. The general formula for this group is simply AX and is similar to the structure of halite. The A can be either lead, magnesium, bismuth, calcium, iron, manganese, palladium, platinum or antimony. The X can be either sulfur, selenium and/or tellurium. Only galena is common with most other members being very rare.

The following are members of the Galena Group of minerals:
  • Alabandite (Manganese Sulfide)
  • Altaite (Lead Telluride)
  • Borovskite (Palladium Antimony Telluride)
  • Clausthalite (Lead Selenide)
  • Crerarite (Platinum Bismuth Sulfide Selenide)
  • Galena (Lead Sulfide)
  • Niningerite (Magnesium Iron Manganese Sulfide)
  • Oldhamite (Calcium Magnesium Iron Manganese Sulfide)
Popular Members of the Sulfides Class


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