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Amethyst Galleries (The Natural Choice for Gifts!) has had retail locations in the Mall at Fairfield Commons in Beavercreek, Town & Country Shopping Center in Kettering, and the Salem Mall in Trotwood, all suburbs of Dayton, Ohio. Currently our only "store" is this Internet Web site! We have been in business since early 1990, and on the Internet since September of 1994 although we did not use the "galleries.com" domain until March of 1995. See this History of Amethyst Galleries.

Amethyst Galleries is a nature store, specializing in minerals. We never have been a traditional rock shop, because we don't carry lapidary supplies. We have always specialized in providing quality mineral specimens, generally in cabinet sizes (not thumbnails or micro-mounts).

Amethyst Galleries believes that a commercial enterprise can provide a positive contribution to the Internet (in this case, a searchable mineral database of significant value to students, educators, and amateur rock hounds) and fund it through sales of related items. We only wish that more commercial enterprises on the Internet offered similar valuable services (even if it only helped a buyer to find the best product for his/her own special needs). We have recently moved to more of an advertising supported philosophy, which will allow us to expand the site to include minerals for which we cannot get saleable specimens, plus other related things such as rocks.

Our e-mail address is coveysd@galleries.com, and our snail-mail address is

Amethyst Galleries, Inc.
13300 Tanja King Blvd, #408
Orlando, FL 32828
Note that we do not have a retail center; our inventory is located at an off-site warehouse.

Our president is Doris Covey, and her husband Steve Covey is the official secretary/treasurer of the corporation.

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