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# QUA-222, $30.00 30% Discount - Sale Price $21.00
Dims: 3.54x2.69x2.08in (8.98x6.83x5.28cm) .... Wt: 7.8oz (222g) .... Loc: Kullu Minali District, Himachal Pradesh, India
At first glance, this quartz specimen seems rather ordinary - and thus overpriced for its size. But close examination reveals its secret: instead of having been hammered out of a vein, or broken from a larger host rock, with the attendant damage (largely fracture patterns), this cluster shows new crystal growth over that damage. And that means this specimen broke loose long ago, possibly due to an earthquake, and subsequently began the healing process. I could only find a few tiny areas of raw fracture, indicating recent (human caused) damage.

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