The Organics Class

The Organics Class of minerals cover minerals that have an organic chemical component in their formulas. Mineral purists frown on there ever being a mineral with an organic chemistry. It breaks one of the four rules that determine what is and what is not a mineral. Or does it?

The four rules defining a mineral:

  1. Minerals must have a repetitive crystalline structure.!
  2. Minerals must have a determinable and precise formula.!
  3. Minerals must be natural.!
  4. Minerals must be inorganic.!

The last rule would exclude this class of minerals. But rule number four is really intended to exclude those substances that are created in a biological organism such as bones, shells, pearls, ivory, etc. The minerals in this class are created in a geological setting, along with and beside non-organic minerals. They just happen to have organic chemicals in their composition. The organic chemicals, not the minerals, are probably the result of biological activities, but not necessarily. The key here is that the minerals are the result of geological activities and not directly the product of organisms.

The Minerals of the Organics Class:

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