SARDONYX, a variety of agate with alternating orange and white bands


  • VARIETY OF: Crypto-crystalline Quartz , SiO2
  • USES: Gemstone and ornamental stone.
  • COLOR: alternating bands of yellow-brown and white
  • CLEAVAGE: none
  • CRYSTAL SYSTEM: none visible (actual crystals are microscopic)
  • For natural Sardonyx mineral specimens see our For Sale or Sold lists

Sardonyx is a banded variety of chalcedony (cryptocrystalline quartz), with layers alternating between Sard and Onyx. It is an impure fine-grained quartz whose crystals are too small to see.

The color is usually a yellow-brown alternating with white, but other variants are also called sardonyx.

The banded nature of sardonyx is used to advantage by lapidaries and artisans, as a careful selection of material and design allows the creation of bas-relief art, where one layer is left as a foreground, and another is used as the background for a carving.

Sardonyx is the traditional birthstone for August. It is associated with relaxation and security.

Sardonyx is only one of several chalcedony (cryptocrystalline quartz) varieties. The primary varieties are as follows:

  • Agate is a banded variety (sometimes with translucent bands)
  • Bloodstone is green with red speckles
  • Carnelian is yellow to orange
  • Chrysoprase is green
  • Flint is generally black with a fibrous microscopic structure
  • Jasper is any colorful agate
  • Onyx is black, white, or alternating black and white
  • Sard is yellow to brown
  • Sardonyx is banded, alternating sard and (usually white) onyx
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Italian Sardonyx Shell Cameo Pin Pendant Necklace, Black Cord. 18"
Here's a pin pendant necklace for the connoisseur of fine handcrafted cameos, crafted in Torre del Greco, Italy, the famed cameo capital of the world. Direct from this seaside village, the cameo features an artful silhouette carved in sardonyx shell....Only $100.00 at Ross-Simons
no photoItalian Sardonyx Shell Cameo Pin Pendant Necklace, Black Cord. 18"
Sterling Silver Banded Onyx (Sardonyx) Pendant
Handmade by Master Artisan. See more details at $169.49 at
no photoSterling Silver Banded Onyx (Sardonyx) Pendant

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