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Minerals By Class

Minerals can be organized, mainly according to their chemistry, into the following classes:

CLASS Consisting of:
Carbonates The Carbonates, the Nitrates and the Borates
Elements The Metals and their alloys and the Nonmetals
Halides The Fluorides, the Chlorides and the Iodides
Oxides The Oxides and the Hydroxides
Phosphates The Phosphates, the Arsenates, the Vanadates and the Antimonates
Silicates The Silicates (the largest class)
Sulfates The Sulfates, the Sulfites, the Chromates, the Molybdates, the Selenates, the Selenites, the Tellurates, the Tellurites and the Tungstates (or the Wolframates)
Sulfides The Sulfides, the Selenides, the Tellurides, the Arsenides, the Antimonides, the Bismuthinides and the Sulfosalts

In addition to the (official) chemistry-based classes, we describe:

Mineraloids The "Minerals" that lack crystal structure!
Organics The "Minerals" composed of organic chemicals!
Gemstones The "Mineral Varieties" often described as minerals even though they are only varieties of recognized minerals!

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