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The gemstone ruby is the red variety of the mineral Corundum, the second hardest natural mineral known to mankind. Ruby is the July birthstone, and the Capricorn Zodiac stone. Ruby has been associated with the values of love, success, integrity, passion, and promise.

All colors of corundum other than red or white are called Sapphire The red color in ruby is caused by trace amounts of the element chromium. The best shade of red for ruby is often given the name "pigeon blood red", but ruby can be any shade of red up to almost pink.

Oriented rutile crystal inclusions cause a six-rayed-star light effect (called asterism) to form the popular Star Ruby.

Rubies come from all over the world but good gemstones are found at Thailand, India, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, North Carolina in the U.S., Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, Kampuchea, and perhaps most notably, Burma.

Like most gemstones from the antiquities, Ruby is one of the Biblestones. In Exodus, the Breastplate of Aaron is described as containing a "sardius", the ancient name for ruby.

Rubies have a famous place in science - the first lasers were made from artificial ruby crystals.  They still are used for this purpose although other materials offer improved efficiency.  Some natural ruby crystals show the fluorescence (actually very short term phosphorescence) that makes a laser possible.

For natural ruby specimens, see our Ruby Specimens pages.

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no photoRoss-Simons .60ct t.w. Ruby, .11ct t.w. Diamond Checkerboard Ring in Silver
no photoCreated Ruby Heart Ring with Diamonds 7/8 Carat (ctw) in 10K Yellow Gold
no photo"14k Gold Ladies synthetic Ruby and Synthetic Diamond Flower Cocktail Ring 15mm Wide"
Sarraf Jewelry
no photoSterling Silver African Ruby Ring Jewelry
no photoRuby Gemstone Ring with Diamonds in 10K White Gold
no photoRoss-Simons 1.75 Carat Ruby Pendant Necklace in 14kt White Gold . 16"
no photo2.83 carat Round Genuine Ruby 14k Yellow Gold over Sterling Silver Dome Ring, Size 6,7,8, Size 6,7,8
no photoRoss-Simons 1.10 ct. t.w. Ruby Earrings With Diamond Accents in 14kt White Gold
no photo6.07 carat Princess-Cut Ruby and White Topaz Ring in Platinum over Sterling Silver, Size 6,7,8,9, Size 6,7,8,9
no photo.60 carat Round Genuine Ruby with Diamond Accents 10k Yellow Gold Heart Pendant
no photo7.37 CTW Ruby 18K Gold / Sterling Silver Earrings
no photoSterling Silver Ruby, Multi-Color Sapphire, African Amethyst Ring Jewelry
no photo18 Inch Ruby Sterling Silver Necklace Jewelry
no photoOval Ruby and Diamond Right-Hand Ring 14K Yellow Gold (0.35ctw)
no photo3.25 carat Cushion-Cut Genuine Ruby and White Topaz Accents Sterling Silver Drop Pendant 18''